The foodie in me has a lifelong love affair with food, from where I started my marketing career in restaurants to working at a Fortune 100 company distributing food.

Discovering the Foodie

I never imagined that I would be a food blogger nor a recipe developer, ever!

I didn’t even think that I would love and enjoy home cooking and home baking so much. If you already start with THAT love, then you are probably ahead of me 🙂

It is a happy outcome from the otherwise distressing and dismal Covid19 pandemic times.

I remember when I was in my early 20’s and I couldn’t cook a thing, not even rice nor boiled egg (a long story for another day). My usual joke was – I will buy a house with ALL bedrooms and NO kitchen!

Now that is funny as a decade or two later, I want a bigger kitchen in my house. I even secretly dream about having a huge and separate kitchen that’s just my own (meaning off-limits to the hubby – don’t tell him that :))

Back then, I already found myself doing marketing for a chain of restaurants. I defended myself with – my role is not to cook or bake but to “taste (or eat) and sell”. Fast forward to the present, it evolved to “cook or bake and tell”.

For most of my career, I worked with food doing marketing. It wasn’t the career I chose. The path really chose me, even if that sounds so cliché.

I was a Math and Science geek. And even now, I unequivocally declare that I am an unapologetic nerd.

I love numbers and they are always in my mind that it feels like it is my sixth sense. Or maybe I have OCD. I also love Chemistry and Biochemistry. It fascinates me how chemical reactions form, even if we don’t see or hear and smell them.

foodie in Naga

How I became a Foodie!

I didn’t start as a foodie but where I started from led me to my foodie path.

I think I love baking because of my love for Chemistry. It fascinates me thinking about all the reactions when I mix ingredients or what’s happening inside the oven. You will benefit from that because I tried to explain in easier terms and demystify baking in my posts about Science of Baking.

I even sit in front of the oven and imagine what’s happening inside the dough or cake or cookie.

Opps, I warned you that I am an unapologetic nerd.

Oh, I love weather as well. I can talk about hurricane and thunderstorm formations and jet stream for hours… if only anyone is willing to listen. LOL. My hubby is so sick of it that he would quickly hit the pause and forward buttons right after realizing the topic. LOL.

I also love the outdoors so much. My hubby and I have that in common. We love Summer and its long and warm days. Of course, we are thinking of retiring where it is summer all year round. We will have a beach front cottage where I can cook and bake and write in our tropical paradise. Now that is a foodie dream!

skye loves golf

For now, though, we wait for summer each time it comes around. We get out our bikes, trekking poles and gold clubs from their winter hibernation. And I will see you when summer ends.

I love the Arts and different Creative pursuits the same way I love Science and Math. It is probably the reason why a marketing career chose me; why I embraced and welcomed it with open arms. Marketing requires both my analytical and creative brain.

In a way, I feel all my interests, skills and work experiences led me to this blog. I paint and thus it was easy for me to learn graphic design. Then I needed pictures for that; oh yeah, I can do that because I dabble in photography. My first love is writing and back in high school, I seriously considered a career in writing (or architecture – because of my art inclinations).

So here I am the foodie, trying to “cook and/or bake and tell”. I want to share what I know, and I love so that they will not die with me. I try to write them as concise as I can, so they are easy to follow and understand. I also added Pro-Tips and compiled some FAQs to ensure that you gain the confidence to cook or bake the recipe.

I whipped up my old camera so I can show you visually not only the expected output but also the process. For some, I also put together videos (yes, I also taught myself to do videos in my marketing career) to document the step-by-step process.

So, you see, this blog is really entirely me sharing all of myself with you. It is wholly me, my interests, skills and passion. I don’t outsource the photography nor the content writing. So, I am thrilled and honored that you are here; that I am sharing a piece of me with you.

So, off you go. A global culinary journey begins with a single click.

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foodie in Canada

What is Global Sweet and Savoury?

I envision and dedicate this blog to the home cooks and home bakers who love cooking for their family and friends. Those who want to try something new and popular yet simple to do for that quick family meal or that pick-me-up treat.

Sweet and Savoury – Like yin and yang, we love both the sweet treats as well as the tasty and salty and saucy.

Global – Explore and travel (or relive your travels) the world one plate and one bite at a time.

Popular – Impress your family and friends with whipping up a dish or a treat they saw online or a trend in Tik-Tok or in their favorite restaurant.

Quick and Easy – Who doesn’t like quick and easy? So, we tested and experimented and added hacks to make cooking and baking easier and/or quicker. After all, it is not just about preparing the food; it is also about sitting down and spending time with your family and friends.

Savour the food.

Enjoy the company.

Laugh a lot. Love much.

Live a little bit more!